Meet the team @ Spiral
Audrey Shearer
Managing Director
Cain Harland
Technical Lead
Craig Boyd
Database Support
Alan Watson
Content & Social Media
Maureen Hines
Finacial Controller



Everything we do is about improving the way people work

















We are programmers, writers, bikers, walkers, trampers, climbers, beekeepers, readers, tinkerers, musicians, knitters, gardeners, travellers, parents, volunteers and workers.

At the core of our being we are problem solvers!

Everything we do is focussed on improving the way people work. It’s about working smarter not longer. Being adaptable, not rigid. And in keeping things simple.  We do this in the health sector with our user friendly study management software and services.


10 years new

Spiral launched in June 2004 yet we feel like we are just getting started as each year brings new challenges and exciting opportunities. The company expanded from a home based business to offices, in cultural-centre-Petone, before adapting to the flexible needs of the team and becoming a 100% distributed company. This means everyone at Spiral is free to live and work wherever they want. We have people in New Zealand (Wellington and Hawkes Bay) and the UK (Gloucestershire).


Over the years we have forged software, constructed databases, broadcast newsletters, baby-sat domains and designed websites.

We have been fortunate to earn the repeat business of a community of innovators and thinkers who are changing the way they work.


Focus on what's important

Treating people right is fundamental to our business. We treat clients as we would family and friends, as we would like to be treated. We treat ourselves to interesting experiences, a good days work and helping others.


We don’t chase after the latest trend although we do follow whats happening. We stay focussed on the things that will always be important for us and our clients. Working smarter, not longer. Being adaptable, not rigid. And keeping it simple. 


Always here for you

If you have a question for us drop an email to If you’re a client, and you want to talk to someone call any one of us our mobiles.


You can also follow us on Twitter @spiralweb and on Facebook.


If you’re just browsing, no worries, enjoy your visit. If you’d like to become a client, we'd love to have you. Thanks for dropping by.