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Managing Director
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Technical Lead
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Database Support
Alan Watson
Content & Social Media
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  genius might be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way  

Alan Watson

Content / Social Media


Alan is our lead in everything social media; be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or whatever looks new and interesting at the time.
You’ll also see him as the author of many of our blog posts that try to make sense of the web in a world of ever increasing complexity.

Alan is particularly interested in the potential out there that exists in online content creation and Social Media. It is a chance for billions of voices to be heard that have never had the chance before, a true democratisation of communication.

More about Alan

Alan has a BA(hons) in International Relations from Victoria University and a BA in Classical Studies.
He takes every opportunity he can get to go rock climbing and his favourite crag so far is down at Paynes Ford in Golden Bay.

Favourite Websites:

  • Facebook

  • Wikipedia

  • TradeMe

  • Stuff

  • Ted