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"With our integrated system, from Spiral, our stock management and online sales and promotions have become so much easier.  And we’re achieving the results we want to grow our business" 

Sue Boyd, Boyd Motorcycles



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Business integration software

We specialise in integrating ALL your databases so you only have to enter something once, or not at all in some cases. Improve accuracy across your processes, save time (that usually means saving money) and have your updates happen in real-time when you use our software. This software is easy to use, integrates your business processes and adapts to you suit you.


Seamless online integration in the Health Industry

Combining online expertise with real business experience means that software developed by Spiral is more than just a tool. In the case of Medent Medical the company effectively gained an extra employee that works 24 hours a day, doesn't make mistakes and never gets sick. Time is saved, productivity is up, order accuracy is dramatically improved and there has been a huge growth in online orders. Tight integration of the software with the existing business can change the way people work and achieve dramatic results.

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Taking traditional retail online the easy way

After limited success in the past with online integration Boyd’s needed a partner who could help them keep things simple. With more than 82,000 gloves, helmets, t-shirts and various motorbike parts and accessories, plus a wide range of used motorcycles being sent all over New Zealand this was something of a challenge. Spiral's solution was to integrate the online software with Boyds existing infrastructure, avoiding the manual process of updating stock levels for the online shop and keeping complexity down. 

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