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Cain Harland
Technical Lead
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Database Support
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Content & Social Media
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Cain Harland

Technical Lead


Cain writes server-side code (the stuff that happens on the server before a web page is sent to your screen) and client-side code (what happens once the client machine downloads it, like Java script).

In his web developer role, he creates website templates and works on the regular maintenance and updating of the software our clients use to update their websites.

What Cain enjoys most about programming is the problem-solving and creative nature of the work. He is analytical, resourceful, adaptable and likes being challenged.

More About Cain

Cain knows more about dung fungus than you will ever want to know - he has a BSc in biology and a design diploma from NatColl.

In his spare time Cain practises Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, a specialised form with an emphasis on ground fighting. He is an active participant in the sport, competing in national and international events. He also bakes and makes cheese.

Favourite websites:
  • Flickr- Even though I use Picasa for my own photos. Exploring flicker is great way to clear my head for a few minutes before refocusing
  • & - Great resources for learning to do new webby things
  • Google - of course