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e-Commerce elements on your website
  • logical catalogue
  • stock integration
  • smooth checkout process
  • robust credit card payments
  • subtle cross-selling


Integrated e-Commerce projects

If you have thousands of products in your back end database and you need to have them on your website, making sales then talk to us about how we can integrate your existing product database with your website. We can have you selling more online in less time than it takes you now.  

Off the shelf

For stores with a smaller product range we have a readymade store component that can be integrated in to your website with a few tweaks to the look and feel to work with the design of your site. This comes with our inventory and order management software to allow you to get up and running quickly and cost effectively.


Customised and bespoke solutions

While the off the shelf option is a great one to get started selling stuff online, it may not be ideal for a large or highly specialised product range or you may want to give your shop that something extra. We can develop a customised solution that allows users to search browse or cross reference certain criteria to find what they want. Weather the solution is a few tweaks to the off the shelf system, a customised version of it or a completely bespoke solution depends on your requirements.



Particularly if you have a large product range you may already have software that you use to manage your stock. It would be inefficient and likely to cause inaccuracies if you had to enter all your stock data in two places. We can work with the people who look after this software for you to automate the process of getting products from your existing systems on to your web site and if you need feedback orders and stock level updates to your system from the website. We have integrated with Sage, F2 (famous), MYOB and others.


Payment options

Our store offers bank transfer and cheque mechanisms but if you are going to sell online you will probably want to take credit card. For this you need an account with a payment gateway. We have built sites that use Pay Pal, Payment Express (DPS) and Flow2Cash. These 3 cover the cost range from no monthly fee with high transaction cost to high monthly fee with low transaction cost so one of them should work for the volume of sales you expect from your site. We can also work with just about any other payment gateway you want.