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Meet the team @ Spiral
Audrey Shearer
Managing Director
Cain Harland
Technical Lead
Craig Boyd
Database Support
Alan Watson
Content & Social Media
Maureen Hines
Finacial Controller



  Imagine if we could do clinical trials faster, better and cheaper
... we do!


Study Management Software for Clinical Trials

Spinnaker is the most adaptable study management software available to researchers in Australia and New Zealand who want robust, user friendly software for their multi-centre trials. In an era of open source and DIY we implement and support solutions that are individual and enduring.


Business Integration

Integrate your stock management, website products and incoming stock from distributers in one easy software interface that we can forge for your business. Software that adapts to the way you work, streamlines laborious processes and saves you time. This is typical of the feedback we get  from customers.... Over the past 18 months 

  • Online orders have grown by 35%
  • We have experienced 10% productivity growth across the company
  • Order accuracy has improved to its highest level in the company’s 30 year  history and orders are now virtually error free


Smart, adaptable, simple

There's a theme right through our business and in projects we deliver .... software tailored for you so you get what you need, software thats adapted from modules we've already written so it saves you money and software thats as simple and easy to use as possible ... so you can get on with your project and your life.


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