Lifetime Guarantee

Your project comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on everything we do for you. Should you ever discover a bug or a malfunction in the software we will gladly fix it immediately without charge.

Plus ... if you are on one of our Premium Hosting Plans you are covered for any misfortune to your website, even if you break it yourself, we will restore it back to the way it was free of charge. 


Is anything not covered by the guarantee?

There are just a few things not covered by our lifetime guarantee and in every case we will do our utmost to help you with them. They are:

  1. Future releases of web browsers. Our code adheres to the world wide web standards of web development which gives you great protection from changes in future browsers. Unfortunately we don't have a crystal ball and any future browser releases that diverge from the World Wide Web standards are not covered by our guarantee.
  2. FTP clients. We will gladly give you FTP access to your website if you ask. This enables the more technical among you to make changes to the file structure. Enabling ftp access for your website or software voids our guarantee.


Taking responsibility

We take responsibility for all our actions and have a strong commitment to making the internet a tool for you.