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Lime Red






People we like working with - our partners

To make sure you get the best from your investment we extend our capability by teaming up with other businesses.These partnerships are critical to the way we do business, offering you extended breadth and depth to what we do at Spiral. 

The following partnerships have been carefully proven over time through a high degree of collaboration and established trust.



Boyd HQ

BoydHQ are Wellington-based technology experts with a global perspective and a very simple goal: To make our clients always happy with their computer systems.  Our primary focus is providing solutions and innovations to simplify and smarten the technology of other small businesses.

You will find that Boyd HQ will take away the pain of integrating software on local and web-based servers so that you can get on with making the most of your business opportunities.
And they're fast because their knowhow is both broad and deep through years of tackling computer led challenges. Often, it’s a “been there done that” situation and they love sharing the answers .


Dallorzo Smith

Dallorzo Smith discover the things that are important to you and help you see things from the point of view of your client or customer. They then use their extensive experience and knowledge to create appropriate, enticing communications that converse with your customers in a compelling way - simple as that.

We partner with Dallorzo Smith when customers want brand development and communication, meaningful print material and to extend our creative graphic capability.


Lime-Red Design

Lime-Red specialises in working with SME's to achieve their design goals - whether it be a simple brochure or a full makeover including logos, business cards, flyers and more.  The friendly team work closely with you to translate your vision into reality.

We partner with Lime-Red to bring additional graphic capability to our team and when customers want print material developed.


Synthesis Marketing

Synthesis Marketing is an established marketing company with a proud reputation for assisting New Zealand business achieve long term sustainable growth.
Our team of dedicated marketing specialist’s unrivalled range of marketing skills and expertise work with you to drive your marketing to ensure your company’s message is received, understood and acted upon.
"We work closely with Spiral to deliver effective, quality web solutions that work. A variety of fixed price marketing options are available ranging from initial marketing strategy audits through to complete content copy writing." For more information about Synthesis Marketing visit: or phone: (04) 528 6214


Solutions we use and recommend

Payment Express

Payment Express is a Visa and MasterCard certified solution, developed by DPS, which facilitates electronic payments seamlessly for a number of different access points. We use them to safely and securely process your credit card transactions when we develop an e-commerce solution for you.



Highrise prepares us for your next call, meeting, or support question. It’s a simple CRM that works brilliantly for us. We also use it to track leads and opportunities.



Xero is the world's easiest accounting system. We switched to Xero on the 1st April 2010 and Maureen has been raving about it ever since.


We love using software and solutions that operate on the web (duh!). Along with providing you with custom software development solutions we can "hook into" the solutions above to provide you with what you want.  


Talk to us about your idea.