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We forge software that's flexible, easy to use
and grows with
your project.



Our advantage ...

You are going to be looking at many software options to find the best one that suits your particular study, so here are some attributes that set us apart from other trial software that will help you make the right decision…
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Our solution

The power of Spinnaker comes from the breadth and combination of features that allows you total control at all times. It provides a secure method to maintain trial integrity with double blind trials while providing quick, easy access to screening, randomisation and blinded drug supply details…
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Our software adapts to your project

As your project grows and changes our software is flexible enough to adapt to the changes. Our core business is integrated software/database solutions for clinical research projects. You may need additional services for your project. We can either work with your chosen providers or work with our partner network to provide you with everything you need for your project.


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