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[WebShell] is a dream to use – updating the site is as easy as updating a Word document. The software’s very intuitive and we’ve hardly used the little manual Spiral gave us.

- Anna Smith, Director, Touchstone Strategy

WebShell - Content Management Software

WebShell, our web CMS is used to manage and control a changing collection of web material , including HTML documents, image, pdfs etc. It was developed by us in response to customer requests for a flexible CMS that was

  • easy to use
  • would help them get ranked with Google
  • was not over-burdened with features they didnt need

The software provides tools which enable non-technical users to create and manage content with relative ease. Administration is done through browser-based interfaces. If you can use a word processor you can use WebShell. 

WebShell was developed on the standard Microsoft .NET platform using VB.NET and SQL Server. While WebShell is a website maintenance tool for non-technical administrators it does require an experienced coder to set up and add features. We do this for our clients or you can engage an experienced .NET programmer to do this for you.

Get Found!

WebShell is Google friendly so that people can find your site. An automatically generated Google sitemap is a key feature in getting Google to rank your site. Other key SEO features included in WebShell enable you to add and edit meta data such as page titles, descriptions, and image ALT and TITLE attributes.

Design Freedom.

WebShell does not dictate the design for your site, the designer has complete freedom over layout, styles, look and feel. Proper semantic markup ensures a separation of content and design.

Open Source

WebShell is available freely under the BSD Open Source license (the simplest license).

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